NXT has been televised on the USA Network for a long time, but that will end in October this year, as the show will be airing regularly on the CW Network going forward. Interestingly, the NWA also has a deal with the CW Network, and this made fans wonder if NWA would be affected. In light of this, Bryan Idol has now provided some clarification.

Billy Corgan previously doubled down on the NWA landing TV deal with top 20 network. This was after it was confirmed NXT would make its way to the CW and Corgan then confirmed that the NWA has agreed to deal with the CW to air NWA content.

While speaking with Steve Fall for Ringside News, Bryan Idol was asked when NXT ends up on the CW, what would happen to the NWA on CW and the CW app. Bryan Idol clarified that the two are completely separate deals. He noted that Billy had announced another TV deal a few weeks ago, stressing that it doesn’t necessarily impact the CW; they are unrelated.

“Well, I would say they’re two completely separate deals. Now, let’s mention that Billy announced a few weeks ago that there’s another TV deal that has been made. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything affecting the CW; it is separate. But I guess what I’m going to flip back to you is, even us at the NWA, we could sit there and speculate a million things.”


According to Bryan Idol, NWA is focused on maintaining the status quo and integrating new elements. They are continuing with their plans and will assess how things develop and where opportunities arise. Idol stated that this approach is fair and beneficial for everyone involved.

“Right now, it’s just we’re doing what we’re doing, status quo, and we have things that we’re adding. We’ll just see how it goes, you know, what goes where. And I think that’s fair, and I think it’s in everyone’s best interest. So, as far as I could say, there’s no set plan affecting your question.”

The recent deal between the NWA and the CW Network signifies a pivotal moment for the promotion, so we’ll have to see just how much the NWA will grow because of it, as 2024 might be a very big year for the company.

Do you believe the CW Network’s deals for both NXT and the NWA will prove beneficial for both companies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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