CM Punk shifted his focus to outside collaborations after the triceps injury sustained at the 2024 Royal Rumble event at the hands of Drew McIntyre to make his presence relevant amidst hiatus.

The Best in the World and his beloved pet Larry participated in a campaign with Zombie Sailor’s Toys to promote their new action-figure collectibles a few months ago. The collaboration features a new CM Punk action figure, complete with a bonus figure of Larry.

At the time, Zombie Sailor’s Toys shared behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot on their Instagram, showcasing Punk and Larry. In recent footage shared by them on Instagram, Punk gave a little sneak peek behind Larry’s inclusion in the toy line.

CM Punk can be seen holding Larry in his arms to get his paw print for the collectables line. To the surprise of many toy enthusiasts, it was Larry’s actual paw print on the front of his Heels and Faces figure card.


“For those wondering, YES, that is Larry’s actual paw print on the front of his Heels and Faces figure card! Here’s a little behind the scenes look of @cmpunk capturing Larry’s paw print that we used for the packaging 😂 It’s all in the details! #cmpunk#larry#pawprint#art#autograph#wrestling.”

Additionally, CM Punk made major headlines this past weekend at WWE Clash at the Castle. He came down during the closing moments of the show in a referee’s t-shirt to screw Drew McIntyre out of his World Title opportunity and help the champion, Damian Priest retain his title.

Moreover, the former WWE Champion is scheduled to return to this week’s edition of SmackDown from his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, where he is expected to give an update regarding his in-ring status and possibly continue his feud with Drew McIntyre. Meanwhile, collectibles enthusiasts can pick up CM Punk and Larry’s merchandise from Zombie Sailor’s Toys’ online platforms to add the Best duo in the World to their collection.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s behind-the-scenes footage with Larry to get his pawprint? Sound off in the comments!

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