Bronson Reed has reacted to the chaotic events surrounding his Money in the Bank qualifying match opponents, who were attacked by Wyatt Sicks.

Ahead of the June 17 WWE RAW, Reed took to Twitter suggesting a new match idea, tweeting: “We missed out on #MEATMANIA BUT We need #MEATINTHEBANK”

Reed accompanied this with a match graphic proposing a Money in the Bank qualifying bout featuring Braun Strowman, Chad Gable, and himself.

During last night’s Raw, Braun Strowman faced Chad Gable, marking what appeared to be the dissolution of Alpha Academy. Following the main event, Wyatt Sicks, led by Bo Dallas, made their first appearance, leaving a trail of destruction backstage, including Gable and Strowman among others.


Reacting to the mayhem, Reed humorously questioned if he should advance by default due to his opponents’ condition, tweeting:

“So my opponents are ‘dead’???

“@ScrapDaddyAP do I get in by default!!!!???

“I mean, how could you not want this at MITB unless you’re a big BOZO!”

Reed’s witty tweet added a lighthearted spin to the unfolding drama, showcasing his enthusiasm and readiness for a shot at Money in the Bank amidst the backstage turmoil.

Last night’s Raw also featured Money in the Bank qualifiers where Iyo Sky emerged victorious against Zelina Vega and Kiana James. In the main event, Jey Uso triumphed over Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio, followed by the unexpected appearance of Wyatt Sicks.

Should Reed advance by default after the chaos caused by Wyatt Sicks, or do you think another qualification match should be arranged? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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