CM Punk took to his Instagram stories to mock Drew McIntyre’s loss at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024, delivering a savage burn with an iconic twist.

To understand the full context, we need to rewind to the Royal Rumble in January when CM Punk was injured, an incident Drew McIntyre claimed responsibility for. McIntyre capitalized on this by releasing a t-shirt featuring a popular meme (a man giving a peace sign next to a grave), with himself as the central figure. The headstone on the image read, “CM Punk‘s WrestleMania Main Event 2024-2024,” mocking Punk further.

This t-shirt became a point of contention in a later promo, where Punk told McIntyre that he never needed to put another man’s name on his merch to sell it.

During Clash at the Castle, Punk served as a temporary special guest referee. In a humorous nod to their feud, he refused to count higher than two and flashed the number at McIntyre. This interference played a crucial role in costing McIntyre the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Damian Priest, both at WrestleMania 40 and now at Clash at the Castle.


Punk’s Instagram story featured the original peace sign at a gravesite meme, but with McIntyre laid out as if in the grave and Punk flashing the two-count, turning it into a peace sign.

Given CM Punk’s playful jab at Drew McIntyre’s loss at Clash at the Castle 2024 and his recent activities, what do you think about Punk’s ongoing presence and impact in WWE storylines and events? Let us know in the comments.

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