CM Punk recently made some interesting comments about what he plans to do next after leaving AEW.

Back on September 2, AEW, led by Tony Khan, announced that they had ended CM Punk’s contract with a specific reason. This happened after there was an investigation into something that occurred behind the scenes at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium.

However, on Friday, September 15, CM Punk showed up publicly for the first time since leaving AEW. He got back to his job as a commentator for Cage Fury Fighting Championships during their 125th card.

When Punk was on the broadcast, he sort of acknowledged that he had recently left AEW. His co-host, John Morgan, hinted that there might be some things to talk about, and he made a joke about Punk coming back to CFFC “with cause.” Punk responded with a sarcastic question, “What is there we could talk about?”


Later in the show, Rob Haydak, who’s the boss of CFFC, said that Punk must have some free time now. Punk agreed and said he does have a couple of months with not much going on.

Punk mentioning this two-month timeframe has led to some people guessing that he might have a rule in his contract that stops him from wrestling anywhere else for two months after leaving AEW. It’s important to know that there hasn’t been an official confirmation about whether such a rule exists, and the details of Punk’s contract with AEW are still a bit unclear.

Punk’s comments have made people wonder if he might return to professional wrestling, with some fans thinking he could come back at WWE Survivor Series 2023. This event is set for November 25, which is just over two months from when Punk appeared at CFFC.

But remember, these are just guesses from fans, and we won’t know for sure until there are official announcements or Punk himself says what he’s going to do next in wrestling.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s recent comments and his potential return to professional wrestling? Leave us a comment.

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