Edge wrestled his last match for WWE in Toronto, and since then there have been a lot of questions about his next move. He claims that a contract renewal is in his inbox, but the last we heard he was still weighing his option.

WWE fans were very surprised to see Edge appear in the intro video before SmackDown this week. There are a lot of interested fans who want to see him back in the company, but he hasn’t made any public decision yet.

Ringside News exclusively reported that the speculation within WWE is still that Edge is AEW bound. That hasn’t changed from our previous exclusive report from a month ago.

Ringside News previously exclusively reported that there is an internal belief within WWE that Edge is going to AEW. A short time later, Sean Sapp reported that there is also belief within AEW that Tony Khan will ink Adam Copeland to a contract.


During his Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg took a chance to talk about Edge a bit. He then went on to reveal a private conversation he had with the Rated R Superstar at Madison Square Garden.

“I can’t speak highly enough about the dude. Just talking about that episode of SmackDown, what a great episode that was devoted to him, and in respect to him, with respect to him and his family. I just love this guy. Man, what a professional. I’ve told this story a million times, too, but it’s the truth.

“They came in, and they were students of the game, and they were working hard and working out and tanning and doing everything that you need to do to be a WWF Superstar at the time. I was on top of the world and peeing it away and not realizing it and making fun of them guys for being on time and doing their jobs adequately and stuff like that. It just goes to show full circle I have come, but also these two individuals I saw come in and then surpass me and surpass arguably everybody in the wrestling business with the TLC matches.”

“I mean, that raised the bar in the wrestling world. You would say ECW did that 100 times. Yeah, but WWF didn’t. You know what I mean? When they did it, they did it with these six cats and it raised the bar as to how we do things today. So yeah, just a good human being.”

“I had an opportunity not long ago, went to Madison Square Garden for a Friday Night SmackDown recording, just an homage to the Garden, and got to sit at a table in catering with some really good friends of mine, and Edge was one of them. We talked and laughed for an hour and a half acting like we didn’t have real jobs. Edge looked at me and said, ‘This is what I’m going to miss.’ I said, ‘Dude, the camaraderie.’ I said, ‘If they could put it in a bottle, I’d be hooked on it too.’ That’s just what it is about the dressing room. If you’re a people person, that dressing room can be a really cool place to be, but, you know, it depends on where your head’s at because it can also be hell on earth.”

“When he said that, and it just made me think like, man, it’s the camaraderie. We had such a good time and they could have taken my pay for the day. I don’t think I got paid anyway, but they could have taken my pay for the day and I would have been happy with that just to hang out. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, a member of the writing team was there, just different guys would sit down, Fergal Devitt sat down with us, and we just sat there joking, and it was just, like he said, man, I’m gonna miss the camaraderie and he’s 100% right. The camaraderie is gonna miss you, dude.”

Ringside News exclusively reported the reasoning behind WWE placing Edge back into the opening SmackDown video package. It seems that there might not be much there, but WWE wants to get fans talking.

Fans would certainly be talking if Adam Copeland makes his debut for AEW. We will have to see what’s down the line, but it appears that Edge has a big decision to make about things.

Edge could be a big get for AEW, and the timing could also be perfect. After all, the company just let CM Punk go in very public fashion.

What’s your take on Edge possibly going to AEW? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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