WWE Superstar Ricochet has expressed his desire for a rematch against Will Ospreay, and he’s eager to make it happen. Their previous encounter in NJPW in 2017 became a viral sensation and is still remembered as a classic in professional wrestling circles.

While speaking with Haus of Wrestling, Ricochet clarified that the incredible match they had wasn’t intentionally designed to go viral; instead, it was simply two talented performers going out to put on a great match. He described Ospreay as being like his little brother and stated that he would love to have another bout with him, particularly because he believes Ospreay won their last encounter.

“He’s like my little brother. Absolutely, I would absolutely love to have another opportunity for me and Ospreay to have another bout. Especially because I believe, the last one way, I think he won. That’s so dumb. So, I would love to have my revenge on Will Ospreay in any capacity. Absolutely.”

He added a playful note, expressing his desire for revenge against Ospreay. However, Ricochet acknowledged that Ospreay is pursuing his own path and making his own choices. Despite this, Ricochet hopes for the opportunity to face Ospreay again and is focused on ensuring their health and well-being in the wrestling ring.


“But like you said, he’s doing his own thing. He’s making his own; he’s paving his own way. He’s doing his own thing on his own time. So, if it happens, it happens, but until then, I do just hope he stays healthy. Stop doing so much stuff and hurting yourself so much.”

The wrestling world is anticipating potential changes in 2024, with several high-profile contracts set to expire. Will Ospreay’s NJPW contract, for instance, is set to conclude in February 2024, which could open the door for him to explore new opportunities in promotions like AEW, WWE, or elsewhere in the wrestling landscape.

What are your thoughts on the potential rematch between Ricochet and Ospreay? Do you believe it could happen? Leave us a comment below.

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