In a recent appearance on The Ringer Wrestling Show, WWE star Finn Balor shared his admiration for his fellow Judgment Day member, Dominik Mysterio. Balor’s insights shed light on Dominik’s journey in WWE and his impressive evolution as a wrestler and character.

Balor acknowledged that Dominik initially received a warm reception from WWE fans, largely due to his lineage as the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio. Fans naturally embraced Dominik because of their deep respect for his father’s contributions to wrestling.

However, Balor emphasized the remarkable transformation Dominik has undergone since his debut. He pointed out several key aspects of Dominik’s development:

  • Character Growth: Balor praised Dominik’s character work, highlighting his ability to connect with the audience through compelling promos and an evolving persona.
  • In-Ring Progress: Balor noted the significant strides Dominik has made as a wrestler. What makes this progress even more noteworthy is that Dominik had minimal formal training and did not go through WWE’s typical developmental system in NXT.
  • On-the-Job Learning: Balor highlighted that Dominik’s development primarily occurred in front of a live television audience. This unique learning experience allowed him to adapt quickly and excel as a performer.
  • Future Potential: Balor expressed his belief that Dominik Mysterio is the future of professional wrestling. He sees immense potential in Dominik’s ability to connect with fans and predicts a significant impact on the industry.

Finn Balor’s comments paint a compelling picture of Dominik Mysterio as a rising star in WWE. Despite the expectations that come with being the son of a wrestling legend, Dominik has rapidly emerged as a standout performer, earning the respect of his peers.


“I feel like he was given kind of a warm reception when he came in because he was the son of Hall of Famer, son of Rey Mysterio. He was kind of like accepted because he was the blood of Rey Mysterio. It was like ‘Ah we appreciate you’re doing this for us. Because we love your dad so much, we’re gonna cheer for you too.’

Once he stepped out from under that tree and started fending for himself, he’s just been a completely different animal. Not only the growth he’s shown, outside of the ring and on his promos and his character work, but his growth inside of the ring has been absolutely monumental for someone who has had very little training, no NXT experience pretty much. Most of his training has been done on the job, on live TV. This kid is the future of the business, in my opinion.”

What are your thoughts on Dominik Mysterio’s evolution in WWE? Do you think he’s the future of WWE? Leave us a comment below.

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