Cathy Kelley, known for her digital exclusive interviews with WWE talent, spoke about the role of social media in WWE’s storytelling efforts during an interview with Ryan Satin on “Out of Character.”

Kelley emphasized the opportunity to tell additional stories beyond what’s covered in television broadcasts. She mentioned TikTok as a platform with potential for storytelling and highlighted WWE’s effective use of Twitter and social media to create matches and feuds. She also noted that there is still untapped potential in this area.

“I mean that was always — when I was working with digital in a bigger capacity, I thought that there was this opportunity, even though we have hours of television time, there’s so many stories that can be told elsewhere and TikTok seemed like, it was just the easy avenue to tell those stories. I still think that’s something WWE can do in the future, stories can start in a digital exclusive. They do a great job at utilizing Twitter, utilizing social media to create matches and start feuds but there is still such an untapped side to all of that.’

WWE has increasingly used digital exclusives to tell stories and set up matches for its main shows like RAW, SmackDown, and NXT, expanding the narrative beyond traditional television broadcasts.


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