Batista has plenty of tattoos, but not all of them lasted forever. It turns out that he had one of them covered up for a very good reason.

In 2016, Manny Pacquiao said, “The animals are better. They know how to distinguish male from female. If we approve [of] male on male, female on female, then man is worse than animals.” That statement caused a huge controversy for the boxer, and he later went on to apologize.

Batista discussed his tattoos and the reasons behind them during an interview with GQ. He mentioned that many of his tattoos hold personal significance. One of his tattoos, originally connected to Manny Pacquiao, was covered up after the legendary boxer made homophobic remarks in 2016.

“It used to be a team logo, of a person I considered a friend and someone I really looked up to. Then he later came out publicly with some anti-gay statements, and it turned out to be an extreme homophone. So I had a huge issue with it, a personal issue with me. My mom’s a lesbian, and I just can no longer call him a friend, and so I had to cover it up with this. It is what it is.”


Batista Might not be done getting tattoos. After all, he seems to really like getting ink, but he could be running out of places. At least we know he’s not afraid to cover up his tattoos for the right reason.

Manny Pacquiao certainly upset a lot of people with his statements. That being said, Batista doesn’t seem to regret getting his tattoo covered.

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