RVD made an impression in every pro wrestling company he’s worked in since he broke into the business. He has also been known to advocate for the legalization of marijuana, something he continues to enjoy to this day.

During a recent episode of Oh, You Didn’t Know, Road Dog was asked about WWE Superstar who smoke weed, including RVD. He said, “it was frowned upon back in the day, I paid more than $550 in fines for that.”

Road Dogg was also asked about a rumor that RVD walked out of WWE when Road Dogg refused to put him over in a match. The DX member said that he didn’t know about that, nor has he heard RVD’s side of the story.

“There are a lot of rumors going around that I’m not sure of, but when he came in I was actually the one who said no to putting him over, so I don’t know how the story got twisted, or if when they said, if they said ‘he’s beating you,’ he might have said no too, so we might have double no’ed it. It’s something I regret, my dad yelled at me over the decision, but I ended up having a match with someone else and beat him.”


Road Dogg said he had no idea that WWE was running any angle with ECW back in the day. He “didn’t know they played for us,” so he wasn’t smartened up at all after just coming back. This is a concern he expressed.

This might not have been the right move for him to make at the time, but he still stands by it, despite the fact it was a bit “douchey.” As he said that, “I wanna punch myself when I look back.”

Apparently, there was confusion, because RVD was confused, and this resulted in a bad situation where both sides of the match refused the finish for their own reasons. That being said, it certainly gave people something to talk about all these years later.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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