AEW President Tony Khan is engaged in a media call to generate anticipation for the upcoming All Out PPV in Chicago this Sunday. Key points from the call are as followed:

Khan drew parallels between last night’s Dynamite show and the period during the pandemic. He revealed that challenges like illness and issues stemming from hurricanes affected the availability of talents, notably Kenny Omega who was stranded in Florida. This prompted the need for swift adjustments.

Addressing the possibility of CM Punk’s involvement in the upcoming PPV, Khan responded by acknowledging the inquiry as a pertinent one. He disclosed that the circumstances surrounding the incident at All In are currently under investigation. Khan expressed a desire to provide more insight, but constraints prevent him from doing so at the moment. He emphasized his commitment to honesty and transparency with the fans and pledged to share more details as soon as he is able to elaborate.

Regarding the prospect of consecutive PPV events following this week’s happenings, Tony Khan commented on the matter. He confirmed the intention to host another All In next year and indicated that the unfolding events will influence subsequent decisions. He highlighted the significance of the three-day weekends coinciding with Labor Day in the USA and the recent bank holiday in the UK as influential factors.


Tony Khan also expressed receptiveness to conducting additional pre-PPV media promotional events, demonstrating a willingness to engage in such endeavors.

When asked about the possibility of the next ROH PPV or potential integration with AEW, Tony Khan expressed his admiration for the robust lineup of champions representing both companies. He specifically lauded Athena’s impressive current run within ROH, acknowledging its excellence.

Khan confirmed plans for a Final Battle PPV scheduled at the year’s end, indicating a continuation of significant events within ROH. He commended the contributions of Billie Starkz, highlighting her notable efforts. He proceeded to emphasize the remarkable achievements of Claudio Castagnoli, underscoring his noteworthy accomplishments.

In discussing the wrestling landscape, Khan spotlighted Samoa Joe’s noteworthy ROH TV title reign, emphasizing its significance. He also gave credit to the endeavors of Adam Cole and MJF, recognizing their impactful contributions. Moreover, he praised the collaborative efforts of the Gates of Agony as a formidable tag team, acknowledging their substantial work within the wrestling domain.

When discussing the WrestleDream event, Tony Khan conveyed his positive outlook regarding the participation of prominent NJPW stars, both male and female. Tony expressed optimism about involving Mercedes Mone, mentioning her potential inclusion. He reflected on the positive experience of having Mone present at All In.

However, Khan clarified that Mone is presently unavailable for wrestling due to certain circumstances. Nevertheless, he conveyed a strong interest in her and affirmed that once she receives clearance, she becomes a significant target for involvement in their events.

When asked about the potential for a bundled deal for both All In and All Out events, Tony Khan acknowledged that he had indeed explored the idea. He believed such an arrangement would be logical and advantageous. However, he clarified that making this concept work across all carriers posed significant challenges.

Khan expressed the difficulty in achieving a consensus among cable providers, satellite providers, and streaming platforms to agree upon uniform terms for bundling. He acknowledged the complexity of coordinating these diverse entities. Despite the current obstacles, Khan expressed a desire to work towards the creation of such a bundled deal in the future.

This month is poised to become the company’s most successful ever in terms of PPV sales. All In: London has the potential to become their second highest-grossing PPV of all time.

When discussing the AEW roster’s potential learnings from Terry Funk and his legacy, Khan acknowledged Funk’s status as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Although Khan never had the chance to meet him personally, he mentioned that Tommy Dreamer attempted to arrange a meeting that unfortunately never materialized. Khan likened the situation to the tributes that would emerge if someone like Michael Jordan were to face a significant event. He highlighted the challenge of capturing the exceptional greatness of an individual who stands far above their peers. Khan also emphasized the presence of today’s outstanding wrestlers who will ensure that Funk’s legacy and name remain relevant.

When questioned about his recent comments regarding AEW’s journey over the past year and how the success of All In impacts his perspective moving forward, Khan expressed his anticipation for a fantastic event this upcoming weekend. He emphasized the inseparable connection between this weekend’s event and All In. Khan conveyed his commitment to dedicating substantial effort to ensure that next year’s show lives up to the high standards set by All In: London.

He said he felt the event was inspirational and changes the perception of what it means to come to and be part of AEW. There was a spectacle in everyone’s dreams and for many years, it was always Wrestlemania. Starrcade never reached that level. They’ve done a show that generated more revenue than any Starrcade and sold more tickets than any Wrestlemania ever. He said that he truly believes after watching every major wrestling event this year, Revolution, Forbidden Door, Supercard of Honor, Death Before Dishonor and All In, he’d put those five against everything else out there. He touched people and made new fans all over the world over the weekend.

All In held significant importance, and the intention is to showcase clips from the Wembley event throughout the year.

Khan’s expressed excitement for the two upcoming matches this week. He emphasized his anticipation for the showdown between Kenny Omega and Konosuke Takeshita, a matchup Omega has eagerly desired for a considerable period.

Khan is also enthusiastic about the clash between two of AEW’s standout stars, Jon Moxley and Orange Cassidy. Khan recalled the uniquely surreal experience of staging the Stadium Stampede in Wembley Stadium, which he deemed one of the most extraordinary moments of his life. He recounted the sight of wrestlers bleeding within the confines of the esteemed Royal Box. He shared an anecdote about his mother’s disbelief when he informed her that the fight would take place in that area.

Amid these sentiments, Khan’s excitement remains unabated as he anticipates the upcoming event in Chicago. He noted a personal connection, having spent the initial three decades of his life in Illinois before his family’s acquisition of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Khan expressed his belief that the Moxley vs. Cassidy match will hold a special significance.

When asked about potential new markets he would like AEW to venture into, Khan mentioned that he has already covered the locations that hold special significance to him. For instance, he pointed out that Dynamite’s 10th episode was held in Champaign, IL, the very venue where he initially experienced wrestling as a fan. Additionally, Khan expressed consistent excitement about events taking place at the United Center.

Khan acknowledged that the expansion to Jacksonville happened more swiftly than he had anticipated. He noted that while they have not yet held an event at TIAA Bank Field, it remains a possibility on the horizon. Khan also discussed other notable venues on his radar, such as The Forum and Arthur Ashe Stadium, indicating a diverse array of potential destinations for AEW’s future endeavors.

Regarding the situation with CM Punk, when asked about the possibility of providing an answer before Sunday’s show airs, Khan expressed his objective to achieve just that. He conveyed his hope of obtaining additional information to address the matter by that time.

Regarding the idea of coordinating TV with the All In event, Khan acknowledged it as a great concept. However, he shared his perspective on the matter, stating that he had wanted the inaugural show in the UK to be solely focused on Wembley Stadium. He indicated that for future occurrences, the approach might be different, suggesting an openness to the idea for subsequent events.

Regarding the concept of combining TV with the All In event, Khan expressed his appreciation for the idea. However, he emphasized that for the first show in the UK, he was committed to spotlighting Wembley Stadium as the central focus. He hinted that for subsequent events, the approach might differ, indicating a willingness to consider the idea in the future.

Regarding Mercedes Martinez, Khan conveyed his positive assessment of her recent performances, noting her impressive matches against Diamante and Kris Statlander.

Khan commended the quality of their content during the summer and expressed satisfaction with their go-home show leading up to All In.

When asked about any interactions with CM Punk, Khan declined to comment on any specific incidents.

Khan extended his praise and gratitude to everyone who contributed to and participated in All In, acknowledging their hard work and dedication to the event.

Khan expressed his sense that it holds significant significance to witness FTR and the Young Bucks joining forces as a tag team. He noted that while they might be considered competitors more than close friends, their collaboration is still a noteworthy development.

Concluding the conversation, Khan extended his gratitude to everyone present for their time and thanked all those who cover AEW, acknowledging their contributions to the promotion.

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