John Cena is certainly one of the biggest names in pro wrestling history as he has accomplished something that only a few pro wrestlers have. Due to his part-time schedule, his appearance on WWE television is a rare event. Cena’s next WWE return will be taking place soon and it appears ex-WWE writer Brian Gewirtz doesn’t think Cena’s return is a good look due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strikes.

As previously reported, the Leader of Cenation is set to make his return to WWE television in September during the September 1st episode of Smackdown and Superstar Spectacle on September 8 in India.

John Cena is returning to WWE television at a time when the SAG-AFTRA strikes are in full swing. Being an actor, many fans feel Cena shouldn’t have come back. While speaking on the 10 Count podcast, ex-WWE writer Brian Gewirtz talked about Cena’s return to WWE during the strikes and stated that he believe it’s not a good look for Cena.

“My mindset is: If you’re an actor or performer, typically doing TV and movies and that kind of thing, that it’s not a great look to then go on WWE and be performing while these strikes are going on. Everyone has their own mindset. If I know WWE, I’m thinking this deal with John Cena — especially if he’s booked to wrestle overseas or wherever Superstar [Spectacle] is — has been inked to paper a long time ago.”


I think it’s up to the individual what they want to do, and certainly if things were agreed to upon months ago, I can see them sticking to it.”

As Ringside News exclusively reported, John Cena’s WWE return was in the works since the SAG-AFTRA strike started. John Cena will be teaming up with Seth Rollins to square off against Imperium’s Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser at the WWE Superstar Spectacle event on September 8th. We’ll have to see how his match will turn out next month.

What do you make of what Brian Gewirtz had to say? Do you also believe John Cena’s WWE return is a bad look? Let us know in the comments!

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