WWE is full of different creative ideas, and you never know what they will come up with next. That being said, some creative pitches might be better off if they are kept quiet.

Kairi Sane is on her way back to WWE, and the company’s creative team is coming up with ideas for her. Disco Inferno is not in those discussions.

During Keeping it 100, they ran special mailbag episode and things took quite a turn when one fan suggested a new stable in WWE. This fan suggested a heel stable of Japanese women, and then Disco Inferno had his own take on what WWE should name them.

“That Japanese faction, they should call it Pearl Harbor, you know? What do you think about that? You gotta bleep that? What would you call a heel Japanese faction? Pearl Harbor?! It’s a heel faction! It’s fictitious characters, and it’s a heel faction full of fictitious characters!”


We will have to see if Disco Inferno sees any backlash from fans over this remark. If anything, the Keeping it 100 show did bleep out the first instance of Disco saying “Pearl Harbor,” but they didn’t bleep the second, because he said it quickly.

The show’s co-hosts did not approve of Disco Inferno’s creative pitch, and he didn’t understand why Pearl Harbor was so bad of a name. It only made sense to him. Then Konnan reasoned with him and said it’s like saying “Pedro-philes.” Disco Inferno understood that, and he backed off his idea, while proclaiming the idea for a heel faction of Japanese women in WWE is a bad idea anyway.

Disco Inferno is certainly full of ideas, but that doesn’t mean they are all amazing. He also probably can’t expect a call from WWE for a creative consultant gig after pitching ideas like that.

What’s your take on Disco Inferno’s idea for a heel Japanese stable name in WWE? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

Transcription by Ringside News

Felix Upton

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