CM Punk’s latest drama in AEW sent the backstage mood from celebratory over All In’s massive Wembley Stadium showing to dismay and unrest. There are few stars within AEW who are not happy about how CM Punk and Jack Perry’s little throw-down stole the spotlight from AEW’s record-breaking performance in London. There are also some backstage who are upset for other reasons.

After that incident went down with Jack Perry, CM Punk didn’t want to go out for his “Real” World Title match with Samoa Joe, and he threatened to quit the company. During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez mentioned that Samoa Joe was extremely frustrated with the situation and had to persuade Punk to fulfill his in-ring obligations.

CM Punk and Jack Perry had quite an incident at AEW All In, and that reportedly killed morale in the company. Tony Khan was almost victim of this situation as well, and things were not pretty at all. CM Punk also wanted to fight Miro in the middle of everything.

Bryan Alvarez made mention of someone breaking their hand by punching a wall backstage at All In London, because they were so upset over the drama between CM Punk and Jack Perry. It has come out that Brody King was that man, but now Alvarez is tweeting out that there are two sides to to that story.


Regarding the story of Brody King punching a wall and breaking his hand, I have had people deny it, and say he kicked a garbage can in the aftermath of what happened, largely due to frustration that it happened in the first place, and that his hand was injured on the guardrail during his match.

We will have to see what happens in this situation. The House of Black are strong allies with CM Punk, as they were put on Collision with his blessing. That being said, it stands to reason that CM Punk’s backstage drama might not make Brody King too happy.

We will keep a close eye on this story for further developments. There is a lot to unpack, and it sounds like Brody King needs to ice down his hand.

Would you be that upset over the CM Punk drama in AEW? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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