The Rock’s daughter, Ava, is making a name for herself in WWE NXT. That being said, some fans might not love seeing her on television, and they are very aggressive about it.

During WWE NXT Heatwave, The Creed Brothers kidnapped Ava to get the match that they wanted. That was followed by Ava posting on X while she was apparently stuck in room with her phone. We’re not sure why she didn’t call the authorities, but Ava was released a short time later when the Creed Brothers got their cage match with the Dyad.

Ava’s notifications were apparently going off during that time, and it wasn’t all positive. Some fans apparently had really mean words to say to Ava. The Rock’s daughter logged onto X on Thursday morning to let everyone know that it’s not okay for people to say some of the things they apparently did.

not liking me for whatever reason is whatever but telling me you wish the creeds killed me because “i’m an ugly bitch” is truly wild


Ava is still going strong in WWE, and it’s no secret why. After all, her father is one of the most powerful men in the entire entertainment industry, and she has pro wrestling in her blood. The Schism was also seemingly designed for Ava, as even Joe Gacy admitted that he talked to her about cult angle even before his television debut.

We will have to see if fans chill out and stop dragging Ava like this. In the meantime, it seems that Ava has a great support system, and she’s strong enough to take the trolls.

What’s your take on what Ava said? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

Felix Upton

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