Vince McMahon ran WWE for decades under his thumb, but sometimes things needed to change in terms of his creative plans. Sometimes unexpected things popped up that made those changes unavoidable, but this is a story about a much different type of issue that Mr. McMahon faced.

Summer Raw did a lot during her time in WWE. She was not only a star of Total Divas, but she also took part in a few memorable angles on television that some remember as controversial. One of those stories involved Lana, Rusev and Dolph Ziggler.

Chris Van Vliet recently spoke to Summer Rae, where few things came up. She also mentioned some of the weird things that fans have sent her in the DMs.

During the conversation, she also dove into her tenure with WWE, including that shelved storyline involving Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, and Lana. She also went into how TMZ blew the cover off that angle by revealing that Lana and Rusev were engaged. Then Vince McMahon blew his lid about the leak and scrapped the whole thing.


“The Rusev, Lana, Dolph storyline was cool because it actually seems really organic like bringing in Dolph, you know, like having us do that. We all really enjoyed working with each other when it first started happening, me Single White Femaling her like pretending to be her and stuff like that was good. But yeah, when it definitely broke down, Lana got injured. I can’t remember on what and she was still learning how to wrestle at the time. Like she hadn’t wrestled much on the main roster so I was trying to teach her things as well as we’re going along.”

“When the TMZ storyline got mysteriously leaked to TMZ, no one cared. We aren’t Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, you know. That really set Vince off and like everyone, because, I don’t know why, but we were like the favorite storyline of him. It was crazy. I think at the time, Cena had a storyline for four months and we were going on three, so it just wasn’t something you were seeing like how they do nowadays, like amazing, long storylines. The storytelling in WWE right now is just really coming around so differently. It was interesting that we were getting crossover position, like great, you know, positions. So when I went there, he was really upset. I think the head writers at the time were really upset too because they had just been so invested in it. I think the fans aren’t dumb like to know that there was never a payoff, like we never had a payoff match. Lana and I never went back and forth. We never had the doubles match, so clearly something went wrong in the storyline.”

Vince McMahon is now taking medical leave of absence from WWE. Even though few backstage actually believe it will stick, he is still taking some time after a spinal surgery.

That Lana, Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, and Summer Rae romance angle was tricky, and they were able to weave quite a web, but it was nixed. After all, things just don’t work like that with Vince McMahon after you expose his business. Hopefully, we can someday know what the intentions were, because Summer indicated that there was supposed to be a pay-off match.

What’s your take on Vince McMahon nixing this WWE storyline? Sound off in the comments!

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