Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul made their names on Vine, YouTube, and every other social media platform imaginable before they broke into the mainstream. Now, Logan is a WWE Superstar, and Jake is a bona fide boxer, but they have not met in Vince McMahon’s company yet, except for one press conference in Saudi Arabia. There’s always a chance that might change, but Logan Paul isn’t done in the boxing ring either.

Dillon Danis is really stirring the pot online with Logan Paul, by posting photos of his fiancé. Jake Paul is fresh off a big win over Nate Diaz, but he apparently didn’t leap at the opportunity to help his brother out.

In a surprising turn of events, Logan Paul and Jake Paul engaged in a heated argument regarding the promotion of the Dillon Danis boxing match. During a recent episode of the Impaulsive podcast, the two brothers exchanged intense words on the subject. ‘The Problem Child’ expressed his disinterest in promoting the card due to KSI’s participation, and even prohibited any mention of the event during his own endeavors.

In response, Logan Paul criticized his brother, pointing out that Misfits Boxing had promoted Jake Paul’s fight against Nate Diaz. Furthermore, the WWE wrestler revealed that if he were to bring a PRIME bottle to the venue on Saturday, he would face ejection due to a previous warning from his brother’s team.


Logan Paul addressed his brother Jake Paul regarding his upcoming match against Dillon Danis, stating, “It’s absurd that I couldn’t bring in a PRIME bottle. DAZN, who extensively promoted your fight against Nate Diaz on the Misfits card during KSI’s event, couldn’t promote the fight card. It’s ridiculous – whose decision was that? It was Nakisa [Bidarian], man. Nakisa is on your side, not Team Paul. He’s part of Team Jake, and we’re a family. He’s aware of that… and I’m on the same card!”

In reply, Jake Paul argued, “But why would I want to promote his event? It’s KSI’s event. They could promote you versus Dillon [Danis], but the announcement hadn’t been made yet. You see the reason, but you just don’t want to acknowledge it… I’m not going to promote their event – that’s just nonsensical.”

We will have to see how this pans out, because Jake Paul and Logan Paul are both showmen. There is always a chance that the two brothers might want that boxing match against each other some day. After all, they were on each other’s boxing bucket lists, but there were a lot of big names ahead of them, many of them have been checked off at this point.

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