John Cena’s career has been nothing short of remarkable. Since his WWE debut many years ago, he has managed to balance his wrestling with a flourishing acting career. However, it’s not all just for show and Cena can still bring receipts. With one of the most impressive physiques in WWE, John Cena is always ready to prove he still lifts, bro.

Maintaining his god-like physique is no small feat, and John Cena continues to challenge himself on a daily basis. His old friend Paul Wight, who was known as Big Show in WWE, shed light on Cena’s unique approach to pushing his limits. Cena would apparently visit local gyms, discreetly enter, and then proceed to shatter every record posted on the walls without drawing any attention to his achievements.

During an interview with TalkSPORT, Paul Wight revealed the distinct manner in which Cena keeps himself motivated. Whenever he visited local gyms, Cena would survey the records on display, only to later quietly break every single one in a secluded corner before making his exit without fanfare. This dedication to self-improvement is a key aspect of Cena’s illustrious journey in both wrestling and acting.

“I’ve seen him go into local gyms and he’ll look at all the records on the wall – their squat record, their snatch record and quietly go over in the corner and break every record in the gym then quietly leave. He doesn’t grunt and I look at him like, ‘I know what you did there, man’. He’ll just give me a wink. He’s competitive with himself, he pushes himself, that’s why he’s such a cool individual.”


“A lot of guys when they do stuff [like break gym records] they do it for ego, I think that’s the one thing I always appreciated about John. His work ethic is with himself, he didn’t try to compete with other guys or anything like that – he held himself completely accountable. It shows to his massive success and his character so he’s one of the absolute coolest dudes I’ve ever met in the industry.”

John Cena’s success in the wrestling world proof to his legendary status. He has achieved the prestigious WWE championship multiple times and continues to excel in the sport, all while actively pursuing a successful Hollywood career. That being said, he’s apparently not afraid to get out in the public for a shocking moment every now and then.

We will keep a close eye on John Cena’s career, as will everyone else on Earth. After all, he is one of the biggest stars on the planet right now, and he readily admits that he wouldn’t be anywhere without WWE.

What’s your take on John Cena doing this kind of thing at local gyms? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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