John Cena has appeared in many places, but he hasn’t ventured to Overwatch yet. All that might change, because fans have a big reason to believe that the 17x World Champion will be seen in Overwatch 2 very soon.

Video game fans all over are excited about the Overwatch 2 Invasion update, and many content creators have encountered mysterious in-game messages that have piqued curiosity. Some observant players noticed intriguing hints that suggest a potential collaboration with the renowned professional wrestler and actor, John Cena.

During a stream hosted by Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan, an enigmatic figure seemingly ‘hacked’ into the broadcast to tease the Overwatch 2 Invasion update, revealing an HTML-style code with a hidden message. Reddit user Umarri pointed out that the lines of code contained a shortened URL leading to an image bearing the letters “JC,” seemingly alluding to John Cena. Furthermore, the code introduced a font family named ‘Felix-Antony,’ which aligns with Cena’s two middle names. Another noteworthy detail was the color code ‘#042377,’ representing April 23, 1977, the date of Cena’s birth.

Given John Cena’s evident satisfaction with his Fortnite collaboration, it’s reasonable to speculate that he may be seeking further involvement in the gaming world, possibly through WWE-inspired cosmetics for Overwatch 2.


Although no official confirmation has been released yet, John Cena himself posted a rather straightforward clue on Instagram, fueling speculation about the potential collaboration. Overwatch and wrestling fans are all eagerly awaiting further updates on this exciting possibility.

We will have to wait for an announcement whether fans will see John Cena in Overwatch 2. If anything, this tease certainly got a lot of fans guessing.

What’s your take on this story? Would John Cena help move the needle for Overwatch 2? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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