Trish Stratus is making a resounding impact in WWE once again, captivating fans with her feuds and performances in 2023. Her ongoing rivalry with Becky Lynch has been a major highlight, and their upcoming match in Winnipeg has generated significant anticipation among fans, even though it was initially scheduled for SummerSlam.

Fellow Canadian superstar Natalya recently shared her thoughts on Trish Stratus’ return in an interview with WrestleBinge.

Natalya acknowledged having some issues with Stratus costing her matches, but overall, she expressed delight at seeing her back in the WWE fold. Natalya praised Stratus for her mentorship towards younger talents like Zoey Stark, appreciating her contributions to the locker room.

One aspect that has not escaped Natalya’s attention is Trish Stratus’ remarkable physical condition at 47 years old. Natalya compared Stratus to the famous international pop star and actress, Jennifer Lopez, emphasizing how Stratus seems to defy the aging process. The veteran WWE star marvels at how Stratus looks better now than she did two decades ago and admires her youthful appearance and fitness level.


“Trish has always diversified,” Natalya said. “She’s exciting as a babyface, she’s exciting as a bad girl, and she looks better than ever. It’s funny because … so many people, even when I was in my 30s, people would be like ‘How much longer do you want to do this?’ And I’d be like ‘Hey guys, half the men in our company are in their mid-40s.’ So when I’m in my mid-30s and you’re making me feel old, sometimes I feel like ‘Wait, am I old?’

“But Trish coming back into WWE, she’s like the Jennifer Lopez of WWE,” she added. “She gets better with time. She looks better now at 47 than she did 20 years ago. I see Trish backstage and I’m like ‘How did Trish Stratus reverse age?’ She looks so good, and she looks more fit than ever. She looks refreshed and rejuvenated and young. I’m like ‘Damn, tell me your beauty secrets.'”

Natalya’s admiration for Trish Stratus’ ageless beauty has led her to humorously request Stratus to share her beauty secrets. Stratus’ return has added excitement and value to WWE’s product.

Isn’t it incredible how Trish Stratus seems to defy the aging process and maintains such remarkable physical condition at 47 years old? What are your thoughts on her return to WWE and her ongoing rivalry with Becky Lynch? Leave us a comment below.

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