WWE has a few couples on their roster, and Ricochet’s relationship with Samantha Irvin hasn’t been given a big spotlight on television. That changed this week when Logan Paul brought up their real-life relationship, and Ricochet wasn’t happy about the fact his fiance was dragged into things. That being said, their relationship had to start somewhere.

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While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Ricochet was asked about his relationship with Samantha Irvin. He revealed that their first time out together was at a very special place, as the Grand Canyon played host for their first date.

Actually, I went to see her out in Vegas, because she did a bunch of cool production shows out here. We actually started talking on Twitter. She added me on Twitter and we started talking there. Then I flew out there, when I landed we didn’t have any plans, we’re driving around Vegas and I’d never been to Vegas before, and she’s like ‘do you want to go to the Grand Canyon?’


Ricochet said that he didn’t know how far away the Grand Canyon was, and it was already 8 PM, so he agreed to take the trip. Then she told him that it was a four-hour drive. So, they took off and drove to the Grand Canyon. That counted as their first date, and it even included a stop by Cracker Barrel.

In the opening segment of WWE RAW this week, Logan Paul took the stage to address the enthusiastic Texas crowd, but his speech was cut short when his SummerSlam rival, Ricochet, stepped in. While Ricochet acknowledged Paul’s athletic prowess, he didn’t hold back in expressing his belief that Paul was a terrible person.

The tension escalated when Logan Paul crossed a line, making a deeply personal insult aimed at Ricochet’s real-life fiancée and RAW ring announcer, Samantha Irvin. Paul taunted that after he emerged victorious against Ricochet at SummerSlam, Irvin would have no choice but to announce him as the winner.

The heated exchange between the two rivals left the WWE Universe eagerly anticipating their clash at SummerSlam. Only time will tell if Logan Paul and Ricochet steals the show, but odds are they will bring a special kind of entertainment to their match.

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