WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently shared his thoughts on the controversial bed of nails spot in the AEW Blood & Guts match that took place last month. During the latest edition of Kliq This, Nash expressed his concerns about such dangerous stunts in professional wrestling.

Nash was quite vocal about his aversion to participating in the bed of nails spot. He stated that he would never lay on a bed of nails, and if asked to do so, he would refuse outright. The wrestling legend made it clear that he wouldn’t put himself in harm’s way for a spot that he considers too risky.

“I’m not laying on fing nails. [If] I’m in the ring, or we are setting this up and we are talking about this in the back and they go, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna do this thing with this fing thing of nails and don’t worry, you can’t get hurt.’ … ‘Okay, I’m not doing this. Go f*** yourselves.’ People always say, ‘Fing Nash is a WWE guy,’ and it’s like, ‘Yeah,’ I don’t remember anything being that fing crazy.”

Nash also touched upon his own history with blading in wrestling. He mentioned having a specific spot on his head where he would blade himself during matches. However, he emphasized that he was careful not to go overboard with blading, as he wanted to avoid excessive scarring. He humorously added that he could still find the patch on his head where he would blade.


“I’ve got a patch up there, even still I could find it. I would just take that and take this finger and find it and I’d put it there. I wasn’t going to do my whole fing [head], I was going to have one fing gimmick and I figured when I get done I could have that plastic surgeoned.”

The AEW Blood & Guts match, which took place on Dynamite on July 19, featured The Golden Elite defeating The Blackpool Combat Club. While the match garnered attention for its intense and high-risk spots, it also raised concerns about the safety of the performers.

What are your thoughts on the use of dangerous stunts like the bed of nails spot in professional wrestling?

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