In the month of July, CM Punk dominated merchandise sales for AEW, solidifying his status as a top earner for the company.

The data compiled by Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics, showed that CM Punk’s merchandise was in high demand, with 49 items in the top 10 daily sales list, giving him a reverse rank value of 5165.

Interestingly, AEW itself came in second among earners, indicating the company’s overall popularity and the strong demand for its branded merchandise.

  1. CM Punk (Items in top 10 daily: 49) [reverse rank value: 5165]
  2. AEW (14) [3596]
  3. Orange Cassidy (32) [2650]
  4. CM Punk & FTR (27) [2219]
  5. The Acclaimed (15) [2165]
  6. MJF & Adam Cole (39) [1951]
  7. Bullet Club Gold (38) [1807]
  8. Bryan Danielson (7) [1369]
  9. Sting (16) [1351]
  10. The Elite (17) [1336]

Other AEW wrestlers also made their mark in merchandise sales. Orange Cassidy, known for his laid-back persona, secured third place in the rankings, with 32 items in the top 10 daily sales list and a reverse rank value of 2650.


The rankings also highlighted the popularity of tag team merchandise. CM Punk & FTR’s collaboration, titled “The Foundation,” performed exceptionally well, earning them the fourth spot in the rankings, with 27 items in the top 10 daily sales list and a reverse rank value of 2219.

Additionally, The Acclaimed, MJF & Adam Cole, and Bullet Club Gold all made their presence felt in the merchandise sales charts.

The top-selling items for the month included MJF’s “Better Than You BAY BAY,” an AEW x NJPW collaboration, and Orange Cassidy’s “One Line” merchandise, all of which resonated with fans and contributed significantly to the overall sales figures.

  1. MJF – Better Than You BAY BAY (Days in top 10: 31) [reverse rank value: 1545]
  2. AEW x NJPW – Bullet Club Gold (31) [1471]
  3. Orange Cassidy – One Line (31) [1389]
  4. CM Punk – Best in the World Ringer T-shirt (28) [1355]
  5. CM Punk & FTR – The Foundation (25) [1290]
  6. CM Punk – Rowdy Ringer T-shirt (19) [1273]
  7. The Elite – Golden Elite (17) [822]
  8. The Acclaimed – Scissor Me Daddy Ass (15) [1181]
  9. CM Punk Best In The World Lightweight Jacket (14) [664]
  10. Sting (Retro USA) AEW Micro Brawler (12) [593]

Overall, CM Punk’s return to the wrestling world has been a massive success, not only in the ring but also in the realm of merchandise sales. His iconic “Best in the World Ringer T-shirt” and “Rowdy Ringer T-shirt” were among the top sellers, solidifying his status as a top merchandise earner for AEW.

Considering the significant impact CM Punk has had on AEW’s merchandise sales, how do you think his return to wrestling has influenced the overall popularity and growth of the company’s brand? Leave us a comment below.

Steve Carrier

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