Fans were eagerly waiting for CM Punk’s return on the debut episode of Collision, as it marked the first time he appeared on AEW television since All Out last year. CM Punk has been a regular in-ring competitor and his match quality has been very solid so far. That said, Fuego Del Sol shed some light on how AEW backstage perceives CM Punk and The Elite’s beef.

CM Punk raised a whirlwind of controversy after his scathing rant following AEW All Out last year and the subsequent brawl with The Elite. That is exactly why The Elite and Punk are being kept away from each other.

While speaking to Nick Hausman on Haus of Wrestling, Fuego Del Sol talked about the backstage situation concerning Punk and The Elite. Del Sol stated that no one backstage in AEW picked a side between the two.

There’s a whole thing online where you have to pick a side between CM Punk and The Elite, that’s not how it is in the back. You have really close friends of The Elite that are like, ‘Hey, I’m with you guys, I’m riding with you guys.’ There’s really close friends of Punk that are going to side with Punk. I haven’t revealed this to anybody, CM Punk hurt his foot last year. I hurt my foot in February, Punk messaged me multiple times a week checking on me.


Regardless of anyone wants to say about him, I only go off of interactions that I’ve had with people and he checked on me constantly, and I’m forever grateful for that. If I ever had any questions before a show, Punk was always there, especially during his first run. I haven’t really been there much since Punk has come back, I don’t know how he’s been, I’m not gonna speak for anyone else’s opinion on him. However, I have to turn around and say the Bucks have been phenomenal to me.

From day one, they’ve treated me like a brother, a wrestler, one of the boys. They never treated me like an extra, they never acted like they were above me because they were EVPs, they’ve checked on me since I’ve got hurt and since I’ve got released, I’ve got messages from both Matt and Nick saying, ‘We had no clue, we’re so sorry. We wish the best for you.’ I’ve had great interactions with everyone, more so the Bucks and Punk than Kenny, but Kenny does a lot of stuff with the female division. But anytime I had questions about going to Japan or about my matches, he was incredibly nice. There’s a lot of talk and heat about the butting heads at the top, but a lot of our top guys really want the best for the industry.

The first match I had with HOOK for [his] debut [match], I come to the back after I lose and Punk immediately comes up to me and says, ‘Hey, I know you’re on the losing end of this, but we’re trying to make a star and you did everything in your power to make that kid tonight and I appreciate you for that.’

It’s hard for me to hate a guy, I wasn’t there in Chicago on All Out night, I don’t know what happened, and I refuse to speculate and I refuse to ask my friends on each side what happened because that’s all about bullshit in the back. I’m worried about growing the wrestling business, being a better wrestler every day. I think a lot of wrestlers get caught up in bullshit and I refuse to in that sense.”

Fuego Del Sol became a free agent in July when his AEW contract expired. Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see if the two sides will mend fences one day.

Do you think things will get better between CM Punk and The Elite? Let us know in the comments!

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