CM Punk’s recent promo on AEW Collision, where he claimed his right to call himself the AEW World Champion after never losing the title, has left some fans and wrestling personalities puzzled, including Busted Open host Bully Ray.

Bully Ray expressed his confusion about the situation, drawing a comparison to how AEW handled Thunder Rosa’s title relinquishment. While CM Punk received over ten minutes of in-ring time on live TV to address the situation, Thunder Rosa had only a minute backstage to do the same when she had to give up her title. This discrepancy in treatment led Bully Ray to question whether AEW truly values its women’s division and Thunder Rosa’s place in it.

“The first thing I thought of was Thunder Rosa,” Ray said after watching Punk’s promo from “AEW Collision” this past Saturday. “Punk had to relinquish the title? He gets ten-plus minutes in-ring on live TV. Thunder Rosa has to relinquish the title? She gets a minute in the back … it didn’t make sense. It didn’t seem fair.”

Bully Ray passionately called for Thunder Rosa to be given the same opportunity as CM Punk – to have a similar amount of TV time to express her thoughts on relinquishing the title and claiming her right as a former champion. He emphasized that it’s essential for AEW to treat the women’s division with the same level of attention and care as it does its male stars, particularly when it comes to significant title situations.


“Hopefully, fingers crossed, pretty please, with sugar on top, for Winston Wolf, give Thunder Rosa the same amount of TV time to say the same things and have her mirror CM Punk,” Bully pleaded. “I don’t care if she busts a match. I don’t care if she busts somebody’s promo. I don’t care if it’s TV time just dedicated to her. Thunder Rosa says, ‘CM Punk says exactly what I wanted to say because we have the same damn situation because I never lost this title either.'”

The discussion highlights ongoing concerns about AEW’s handling of its women’s division, with Bully Ray and others hoping for more investment and opportunities for female talent. As AEW continues to grow, it will be crucial for the company to address these concerns and create a more balanced and inclusive environment for all its wrestlers, regardless of gender.

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