Stephanie McMahon left a lasting impression on WWE fans for years to come. Although she is not officially employed by WWE right now, her name still draws attention, and RVD will never forget her either.

In a recent revelation, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam shared insights into his connection with Stephanie McMahon during his early tenure with the company.

Back in 2001, RVD made his way to the Stamford-based WWE, joining forces with his former ECW colleague Tommy Dreamer as part of the thrilling invasion storyline. Notably, Stephanie McMahon was portraying the on-screen owner of ECW during this engaging angle, which led to her working closely with Rob Van Dam during his initial days in the promotion.

During his 1 of Kind podcast, RVD dove into the dynamics of his relationship with The Billion Dollar Princess during the memorable invasion angle. All in all the whole situation made RVD feel a bit “dirty.”


“[How did you get along with Stephanie at this time?] Great! Yeah, she was always cool… Yeah, I used to at first, at first I, before I got, maybe I always still, I don’t know, I used to always, this is probably weird, because someone else, I think, I’ve only told one more person this and they thought it sounded weird, but I felt kinda dirty around her in a way that like I don’t wanna hold a baby, you know. In a sense, I wanna wash my hands first, whatever, because I’m probably dirty or whatever.”

“I just felt like here’s The Billion Dollar Princess and then I just felt like here I am like my shirt is soaked in sweat from stretching and I’m like, ‘oh, hey Stephanie [hugs her]!’ And for some reason every single time I hugged her my shoulder hits her right in the chin. Still does every time. guaranteed. I don’t know what it is. It’s bam. (…) And with Stephanie, I used to step on her toe too. And I always just kind of felt like I was on the other side of the fence between like they’re, this is gonna be taken the wrong way probably, but that’s how I felt thought. I felt like they’re the flash peddlers and we’re just the talent, like that’s how I felt.” 

“When I first got there they wanted me to do a bit of a romance angle with Stephanie and myself. And my evil ex was like the most insecure bitch on the planet and I was like thinking, ‘oh my God, this gonna cost me so much grief at home.’ We had a talk, me and Stephanie, and she said, ‘you know, just think of this like you’re an actor’. I was like, ‘that’s cool, except you call me Joe Blow because I’ve been Rob Van Dam for the last ten years.'”

RVD could very well return to WWE television for any gig the company wants to throw at him. His recent WWE Draft appearances certainly showed that he can make dates on the road once again, and it’s anyone’s guess what Triple H might cook up for the Whole F’n Show at this point.

Stephanie McMahon may return to WWE eventually, but it seems that she is doing just fine at home right now. If anything, she certainly contributed enough to solidify herself in the WWE Hall of Fame when the time is right.

What’s your take on RVD’s comments about Stephanie McMahon? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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