RVD remains one of the most technically-gifted pro wrestlers to have ever competed inside the squared circle. He has faced off against numerous top stars in his career and that includes Triple H. It appears RVD believes The Game had a personal vendetta against him.

The Whole F’n Show became a fan of the pro wrestling world in the 80s and realized he wanted to do it all his life. In fact, RVD was also instructed during the early days of his career to say that he was actually related to Jean-Claude Van Damme.

When WrestleMania 19 was just around the corner, rumors spread that Triple H didn’t think Rob Van Dam was over enough to face him at the Show of Shows. This led to RVD wrestling a “Sunday Night Heat” tag team match alongside Kane, while Triple H defended the world title against Booker T.

While speaking on his One of Kind podcast, RVD admitted it did feel like Triple H had a personal vendetta against him around that time and for a multitude of other reasons.


I felt some resentment because I was told that he was anti-RVD in the business meetings with the agents and everything. So I took that personally. And then also, I felt that there was some heat there building up and this was about the peak of it. I felt that he was — I don’t want to say pretentious — but I felt like he would treat me in a way that was tongue-in-cheek disrespectful where he thought it was going over my head, but it wasn’t. I had a build-up of that and stuff, so that’s how I remember that coming together right there at the Staples Center

So if I’m asked, ‘Do you feel like he held me back or kept me down,’ I guess that’s evidence right there if that’s how the jury was waivered,” Van Dam said. “But also, he had a right to have his opinion and his judgment, and he sat in that position in the office. I didn’t use to be able to give him credit for that, and now I do. Look what he’s done, now he’s running everything. Obviously, you can’t say, ‘He didn’t know what he was doing or talking about.’ But I do feel like if it was that side of him or if it was somebody else maybe that was pro-RVD, then I think a lot of things probably would’ve been different.”

RVD also didn’t take Triple H burying him personally. RVD also had an interesting response to having one final pro wrestling run. It remains to be seen when RVD will finally return to the squared circle.

What’s your opinion on this story? Do you also believe Triple H had it in for RVD? Let us know in the comments!

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