Riho has made fewer appearances on AEW programming in recent years compared to her early days in the company when she was a focal point of the division.

According to Sean Ross Sapp in a Fightful Select Q&A, Riho’s status with AEW remains unchanged, as she was never intended to be a full-time, non-stop performer in the US. Instead, she splits her time between international dates and domestic bookings.

“Riho’s status is the same as it’s always been. She was never going to be over here (in the US) non-stop full-time. That was never in the cards to my understanding. She was always going to be a person that split her time between international and domestic bookings. That hasn’t changed as best I know. Obviously she’s been in the ring significantly less over the last two years.”

Riho’s last appearance for AEW was on the April 12 episode of Dynamite, with the exception of a dark match on June 14. Her reduced in-ring activity has been noticeable over the past two years.


The booking of AEW’s Women’s Division has been a topic of discussion among wrestling fans, with some expressing their dissatisfaction with how the division has been presented. A recent report claimed that many in AEW are ‘aloof’ about the booking decisions in the women’s division.

What are your thoughts on how AEW has handled Riho’s appearances and the booking of their Women’s Division overall? Do you believe the division could benefit from more consistent and prominent roles for its female talent? Leave us a comment below.

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