Paul Wight was once known as Big Show in WWE, a role he played for decades. He eventually slimmed down, got abs, and started focusing on his health. There was a time when that was not the case at all. In fact, he was quite heavy.

Throughout his WWE tenure, Paul Wight was recognized for his imposing size. However, he now admits that he may have taken the concept of being a “500-pound giant” too literally. That wight gain for Big Show was noticed by WWE fans all over.

In a recent interview with TalkSPORT, the AEW broadcaster revealed that he used to consume an astonishing amount of calories. Wight explained that his eating habits back then consisted of an excessive intake of empty, unhealthy calories, and he didn’t hold back, consuming anywhere between 13,000 to 18,000 calories daily.

“You’d get Big Macs and I’d get three or four Big Macs and then I’d get fries and then I’d get a shake and I’d get apple pies and probably a fifth sandwich too. It was nothing. I’d go to Taco Bell and get like 20 tacos. I have about ten ounces of protein, I have a small portion of carbs and some veg. I try to eat halfway decent.”


As the former WWE Champion reflects on his past, he acknowledges that the excessive over-consumption took a toll on his body, especially as he aged. Consequently, he made a pivotal decision to undergo significant lifestyle changes. The result of his dedication and commitment was an impressive weight loss of around 130 lbs.

Paul Wight was eventually sent back to OVW, where he had to get in shape. That hiatus from the WWE main roster caused him to get pulled from a video game gig, and so much more. Thankfully, Paul Wight was able to figure things out in terms of his size.

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