After a surprising loss on WWE NXT, Cora Jade took to Twitter to post cryptic message with just one word: “Bye.” The enigmatic tweet has left fans wondering about the implications of her defeat and what it might mean for her future in the promotion.

The match in question was a kendo stick match between Cora Jade and Dana Brooke, who appeared with a new look and a more aggressive attitude. Despite the support of her friend Kelani Jordan, Cora Jade fell victim to Dana Brooke’s onslaught and suffered a pinfall defeat.

The loss has clearly left Cora Jade disheartened, as evidenced by her brief tweet. However, without further elaboration, it remains uncertain if she intends to take a break from WWE NXT, if there’s a storyline development behind her post, or if it’s simply a response to her disappointment after the match.

It’s worth noting that Dana Brooke has been making appearances on NXT despite not being officially designated as a “free agent” like other stars who can move between the main roster and NXT. This could be an intriguing factor in the ongoing storyline and may have contributed to Cora Jade’s cryptic message.


As fans wait for more clarity on the situation, speculation is rife about what’s next for Cora Jade in WWE NXT. The promotion will likely provide further updates or explanations in the coming days to shed light on the meaning behind her intriguing “Bye” tweet.

What are your thoughts on this situation, and what do you think her “Bye” tweet could mean? Share your speculations and theories in the comments below.

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