AEW fans are very opinionated, especially when it comes to the company’s booking decisions. Sometimes, Tony Khan’s calls don’t go as planned, especially when it comes to pushing his favorites on television.

In a recent interview on Talk is Jericho, an AEW star, QT Marshall, shared Tony Khan’s reaction to a significant angle he was involved in while working in the Mexican promotion AAA. The angle culminated in a brutal ambulance match against fellow AEW star, Pentagon Jr, also known as Penta El Zero Miedo.

Marshall revealed that Tony Khan would typically not approve major angles involving two contracted AEW talents outside of the company. Twitter is usually full of upset fans, all ready to share their opinions.

However, in this case, Khan recognized the potential value it could bring to Marshall, considering he has faced criticism from detractors online. Khan believed that Marshall’s work in AAA could help dispel doubts and enhance his standing within the company, making it a worthwhile opportunity for his career development.


“Konnan called me and he kind of had this idea and we ran it by Tony (Khan) and Tony is a firm believer when it comes to me, that it’s good for me to go out and wrestle in other places because I can maybe help possibly turn the Twitter fans into seeing a different side of me and stuff like that.

“The Twitter fans that give Tony a lot of crap for putting me on TV. Yeah, but it’s a different type of hate (that Chris Jericho gets)…

“For some reason, they really, really hate me and this is what he specifically said, ‘I would never let two of my contracted talents go to another company and do an angle like this that could lead to something even bigger that I know would do a great rating for my show.

“But I believe in you and I do believe this would help you and it’ll help your career overall’ so thank goodness they were able to tell a good story for the past couple of months.”

“We’re doing vignettes for the past couple of months and stuff like that and then they built up to this first-ever Ambulance match in Mexico which I’ve never done before and we could see as we went there, they definitely have never done it before.

It seems that Tony Khan will keep doing his thing in AEW, no matter how fans see the moves he makes. If anything, it is his company, and he can book things however he likes.

Tony Khan was regarded as the best booker in pro wrestling for years, but those fans might not stand behind TK as much as they did in the past. Is the honeymoon period over for Tony Khan? Sound off in the comments below to let us know what you think!

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