CM Punk might still have some heat with AEW fans, but Tony Khan needs him as a babyface. That being said, AEW is doing certain things to try to insure that CM Punk gets cheered instead of booed.

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AEW Collision was another episode that saw CM Punk show up in the opening segment, and then he closed out the show. This time, he tagged with Darby Allin, a bona fide beloved babyface in AEW.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that Tony Khan is doing things to make sure that CM Punk gets cheered instead of booed. After all, the wrong reaction from fans could really throw a wrench in his creative plans for television.


“The big markets seem to boo Punk, so the strategy is, because Punk’s supposed to be babyface for a while, is you pair him with Darby, he’s one of the most popular guys there. And Darby even goes out there and endorses him to say he’s a great guy to make sure ‘I’m his buddy.'”

We will have to see how long it takes for CM Punk to 100% win over the AEW fans’ trust and respect again. Some might never cheer for the Second City Savior at this rate. Only time will tell what’s in CM Punk’s future with AEW, but he certainly putting effort into getting cheers.

Darby Allin also gave CM Punk a big rub on Collision, as he stated that CM Punk is ride or die with AEW as well. This was followed by calling Punk his good friend. Now, we will have to see if the greater AEW fan base takes the bait and cheers for Punk.

CM Punk is a divisive pro wrestler, so how do you stand on him right now? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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