Ring of Honor will be adjusting its taping schedule for tonight’s AEW Collision event in Trenton, New Jersey.

According to PWInsider, instead of the usual practice of taping both before and after an AEW show, ROH will only be taping two hours of content before Collision goes on the air.

ROH has been known to tape shows in conjunction with AEW events, providing fans with an exciting blend of wrestling action. However, tonight’s approach will see ROH taping its content solely before AEW’s Collision, with no plans for tapings after the show.

The reason behind this sudden change remains undisclosed, and it’s unclear whether this new method will become the norm for future events. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how this alteration will impact the overall viewing experience.


The partnership between AEW and ROH has been an exciting collaboration, offering fans an opportunity to witness top wrestling talent from both promotions on a single platform. The companies have consistently delivered thrilling matches and compelling storylines, elevating the wrestling landscape to new heights.

What are your thoughts on the surprising change to ROH’s taping schedule for tonight’s AEW Collision event? Do you believe this will become a regular practice for future events, or is it a one-time occurrence? Ringside News will keep you updated with any other additional information we may receive on the matter.

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