The life of a professional wrestler is not without its fair share of drawbacks. This includes crazy fans who jump the barricades and either try to interact with the wrestlers or attack them. It seems there is more to the Seth Rollins story than initially thought. It turns out that Rollins’ attacker was still upset over getting catfished years ago.

On Monday Night RAW, a fan attacked Seth Rollins and caused a huge stir. Seth Rollins was utterly blindsided, which is why he couldn’t react to the situation as quickly as he’d have want to.

Seth Rollins later on admitted that he found the whole experience terrifying. He added that he was okay. Even then, the incident remains in his memory even now.

While speaking on the latest episode of Impaulsive, the current World Heavyweight Champion recalled the disturbing fan attack. Rollins admitted he felt very bad for the fan.


So, first of all, this guy, I want to preface it by saying, when I found out about everything, I felt very bad for this guy. This guy, there’s some mental disability going on, his connection from reality is not all there.

He was catfished online by someone pretending to be me, I believe. There was some amount of money exchanged for whatever he was being asked for, and this is not a new phenomenon, people will do this with, it happens a lot with our girls, people will catfish as our female superstars, and they’ll just pray on these people, they’ll say like ‘oh my brother’s sick in the hospital, can you send money.

But they don’t ask for money, they ask for it in gift cards. It’s insane, there was one with Becky actually, this person finally figured out that they were being catfished. This person showed up at the front row of a show, and brought this zip locked back of gift card that they had sent.

“It was like, I added it up, we’re talking thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars that they had given to “Becky” for her “brother in the hospital”, or something like that. It was wild.

In retrospect, what I remember is seeing somebody come around the corner, running, which isn’t unusual either because sometimes they’re setting up pyro in the entrance for someone else, and he was wearing, he was in a t-shirt and pants so he was kind of nondescript.

“So I just saw him running and didn’t think anything of it. Next thing I know he’s cutting the corner, just zips right by Stewie and straight Football tackles me, form tackles me right there on the ramp, and it was terrifying because as I said I’m not prepared, so my instinct was just to get ahold of his head, and he’s just clawing at me, he didn’t haven’t any weapons thank god he had nothing on him, but he’s just kind of clawing, he’s not really throwing any punches or anything, he’s like grabbing my hair.

So I have him, trying to get him, but he’s like a little ball. He’s a stout man, but he’s short so he’s like a little ball, so I couldn’t quite get a hold of him, Security jumped quick, our referee actually jumped quick, everyone was trying to get him off, but he had a hold of my hair.

“I haven’t divulged this part of the story yet. To try and dislodge him, the only thing that I could do, because I didn’t want to punch him, I didn’t want to hit him, the only thing that I could do, I saw, he was on top of me, over me, all I saw was his legs were kinda like [spread apart], so I just reached up, and just [grabbed].”

WWE also has major plans for Seth Rollins as far as his SummerSlam opponent is concerned. Regardless, we will have to wait and see how WWE will continue to book Rollins and Finn Balor’s feud in the coming weeks.

What’s your view on what Seth Rollins said? Are you glad nothing serious happened? Let us know in the comments!

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