AEW has limited their pay-per-view schedule since the company launched. That might actually change soon enough.

Tony Khan recently addressed the possibility of AEW expanding its pay-per-view calendar during a media call for ROH Death Before Dishonor. With recent reports suggesting talks with Warner Bros. Discovery about extending their TV deal, discussions have included the potential for AEW to hold events as frequently as once a month.

When asked about his views on the optimal number of pay-per-views, Khan expressed his belief in expansion, citing the positive outcomes experienced by companies that have expanded their schedules in response to demand and economics.

As Tony Khan highlighted AEW’s successful lineup thus far, he emphasized the careful consideration he has given to the idea of expanding the calendar. This could be on the table, because he has spoken to Warner Bros Discovery about the very idea.


“I think it’s evolving. I believe no wrestling company that has ever expanded its pay-per-view calendar due to demand and economics has ever regretted that decision. In general, there have been factors that have helped wrestling companies rise and fall over the years, but I do think expanding your pay-per-view calendar has often been something that has been seen as revenue positive and an overall positive for companies. Certainly, when there was competition in the past, more pay-per-views was the standard.”

“For us, we launched with a very methodical plan. We built a really solid calendar of major events. Now, we’re talking about six major events that are pay-per-view worthy. As for expanding the calendar even further, it’s something we’ve talked to Warner Brothers Discovery about and it’s something everyone believes could be revenue positive. It’s something to certainly consider, but I’m very happy with what we’ve built.”

We will have to see if AEW expands their pay-per-view schedule. It appears that nobody knows what Tony Khan is planning next, because AEW could have even more plans to expand at this point.

Do you think that AEW needs to add more pay-per-views to their schedule? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think about this situation!

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