During a recent appearance on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, Big E took the opportunity to express his admiration and pride for his New Day teammate, Xavier Woods. Big E acknowledged the significant impact that Woods has made in WWE, not just in the ring, but also behind the scenes.

Big E highlighted how Woods’s entertaining presence on the floor played a crucial role in helping The New Day establish themselves as a successful faction. He credited Woods for bringing a unique energy and charisma to their act, which helped them gain traction and connect with the audience.

However, Big E also emphasized the tremendous contributions that Woods has made outside of the ring. He praised Woods for his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to create opportunities for others. Specifically, Big E pointed out how Woods’s creation of a gaming channel has not only brought the WWE locker room together but also provided additional income for his fellow wrestlers.

Woods’s gaming channel, UpUpDownDown, has become a popular platform within the wrestling community, showcasing the personal interests and talents of WWE Superstars. It has created a space for them to connect, have fun, and engage with fans in a unique way. Big E acknowledged that the impact of Woods’s endeavors may not always be fully understood or appreciated by the public, as much of it happens behind closed doors.


“I’m so proud of [Woods and] not just what he’s done in the ring. When he was on the floor, he brought so much to our act … because he was so wildly entertaining. It really helped us get off the ground.”

“Outside of the ring, this man has created jobs. He’s created a gaming channel that brought the locker room together. [It] got the boys and the girls paydays … I don’t think we will really understand the impact that he’s had on the industry [because] much of it might be behind closed doors.”

The admiration and pride that Big E expressed for Xavier Woods highlights the respect and camaraderie among The New Day members. It also sheds light on the positive influence that Woods has had on the wrestling industry, both inside and outside the ring.

What are your thoughts on Big E’s praise for Xavier Woods and his acknowledgment of Woods’s contributions both in and outside the ring? Leave us a comment.

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