On a recent episode of The Snake Pit with Jake Roberts, the WWE Hall of Famer addressed a long-standing rumor about an incident involving one of the Wild Samoans and himself. The rumor suggested that Jake Roberts had knocked out the Samoan’s eye during a wrestling match. However, Jake clarified the truth behind the incident and provided some entertaining details.

According to Jake, he did not knock out the Samoan’s eye. Instead, he delivered a stiff knee strike that caught the Samoan off guard. In the heat of the moment, Jake’s tag team partner, Jimmy Garvin, exclaimed from outside the ring, expressing shock that Jake had followed through with his plan. The Samoan retaliated by grabbing Jake’s hair and delivering a powerful headbutt.

“Oh, my God. We didn’t knock his eye out. I just gave him a potato. I caught him with a knee lift, man. And Jimmy Garvin, who was my tag team partner, shouts into the ring. ‘Uh oh. You said you were going to do it. I can’t believe you did it. Holy f**k.’ The Samoan got up and grabbed me by my hair and headbutted me so f**king hard, man. Oh my God. I don’t know why he didn’t knock me out, I may have been out. I remember just laying on the mat, looking at Jimmy going, ‘Why would you say that?’ What the f**k? Oh my God.’ But that was the receipt, man, and it was a hell of a receipt. I didn’t knock his eye out of his head. I gave him a knee-light lift and blacked his eye. Yeah, it was a hell of a stiff shot. You can give a hell of a shot with your knee if you’re trying to.”

Jake recalled the intensity of the headbutt and how it left him dazed and lying on the mat, questioning why Jimmy had made such a comment. He clarified that his knee strike had caused a black eye for the Samoan but had not resulted in the loss of an eye.


“I’m like, ‘Oh, f**k man. Are you alright?’ And about that time, I heard Jimmy say, ‘You said you were gonna do it. I can’t believe you did it!’”

As karma would have it, a week later, Sika (the Samoan in question) found himself in a separate incident. An intoxicated individual began bothering Sika and his friends at a swimming pool, and despite their attempts to peacefully resolve the situation, the drunk continued to provoke them. Eventually, Sika reached his limit and delivered a powerful backhand that knocked the individual down. Sika then chased after the frightened man, who ran as fast as he could to escape.

Jake humorously described the scene, emphasizing the fear-inducing presence of a 300-pound Sika in pursuit. Although the man managed to escape, Sika injured his hand in the process. The injury worsened over a few days, and when they examined it, they initially believed they could see Sika’s bone. However, upon closer inspection, they realized that two teeth from the man he had struck were embedded in Sika’s hand.

In an amusing turn of events, Jimmy Garvin inadvertently aggravated Sika’s injured hand during a wrestling match by accidentally landing his knee on it. Jake couldn’t help but taunt Jimmy, reminding him of his earlier comment and playfully pleading for mercy on Sika’s behalf.

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