Ryback really wants match against Goldberg, but that contest hasn’t been booked yet. This is also the subject of conversation in a big way.

As we previously reported, Ryback has been trying to get a meeting with Goldberg’s people. It appears that match only has momentum from The Big Guy’s side.

During a recent live stream, Ryback unleashed on a fan who doesn’t think that a match against Goldberg is going to happen. Ryback was confronted by a fan who said that Goldberg wouldn’t have an incentive to take a match with him. This is when Ryback went into his own rant about the subject.

While Ryback admitted that he was irritated by comparisons to Goldberg, he has made the headway he could to make that match happen.


The Big Guy dealt with a few people that had a difference in opinions than Ryback during that stream, including one fan name John, who was the one who asked why Goldberg would want a match with him.

John asked Ryback if he’s making a fool of himself, and Ryback said that he wants a last match. Ryback went back-and-forth with John for a bit, and he didn’t back down. He also said that even if he doesn’t get a match against Goldberg, he’s going to keep going.

Ryback said that he has been approached by a fan at an airport who called him a “Goldberg wannabe pice of sh*t.” That only adds to his desire to make that match happen. Needless to say, Ryback believes that Goldberg might have something to prove too.

We previously reported that Ryback launched into rampage on Booker T, and others. Mark Henry also caught fire in that flow of “F Yous” that Ryback was dishing out. The Big Guy also launched into tirade directed at Jim Cornette, one where he called out the legend of Cornette as a suck. Needless to say, Ryback isn’t afraid to take fire at anyone.

Ryback might be running out of options, but will he ever wrestle again? Sound off in the comments!

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