AEW has a lot of plans for their future, but they sometimes have an issue letting fans know exactly what is going on. This turned out to be quite an issue during a recent high-profile match on AEW Collision.

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Bullet Club Gold won a match against FTR on AEW Collision, and they got a title match out of it as well. That match was a high-energy contest, but it also had another stake attached that wasn’t known about until in the middle of the match.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the stipulation that Bullet Club Gold wouldn’t get another shot at the AEW World Tag Team Titles with FTR was added very late into the match, at least it was for fans.


Remember the FTR match with Jay White and Juice Robinson where Kevin Kelly said if they don’t win, then they never get another shot? — That was a stip for that match, which they never told us about ahead of time, but they told us about it during the match.”

“It was only that match. When they do future Proving Ground matches, it won’t be for those matches, it was only for that match, and it was only decided on in the middle of the match, because that’s when they told us. I shouldn’t say that’s when it was decided on, but that’s when they told us about it, midway through the match. It’s like, ‘it’s the middle of the match, by the way, there’s a stip here!’ So, the stipulation was only for that match.”

Only time will tell how the AEW World Tag Team Title match is handled between FTR and Bullet Club Gold. It is easy to picture that those two teams might go to war several times. If anything, we know that AEW wanted to put an extra dose of drama in the situation.

FTR make fine champions for any company, but would Bullet Club Gold be better champions for AEW? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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