Rising NXT star Amari Miller has bravely opened up about her struggles with mental health. The importance of mental health cannot be understated, as neglecting it can have serious consequences. In Amari Miller’s case, her mental health battles made headlines earlier this year when she disclosed her attempted suicide and reached out to her fans for support.

In addition to her mental health challenges, Miller also faced physical setbacks. In February, she suffered a torn ACL and underwent surgery, adding to the strain on her overall well-being. However, she has now chosen to share an update on her current condition.

Amari Miller took to her Twitter account to share her journey of battling depression and emerging from it. She posted a series of pictures comparing her state during the depths of her depression to her current state of recovery and happiness. Alongside the images, she wrote a heartfelt message:

“During my depression stage, not knowing why I was changing, gaining weight, not getting along with people, trying to survive day by day. It is ok to ask for help!! Mental hospitals are not a sign of weakness!! I got the help I needed and I’m back healthy and happy inside &out💚”


The wrestling community has rallied around Amari Miller, offering words of support and encouragement. We applaud Amari Miller for her bravery in sharing her journey and wish her continued health and happiness, both inside and out.

How do you think the wrestling community can further support and promote mental health awareness? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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