Former WWE developmental talent Danny Gimondo’s DUI arrest has garnered additional details, including his upcoming court appearance.

According to PWInsider, Gimondo is scheduled to appear in court on August 8th to address the charges. The arrest report from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office provides further information on the incident.

Gimondo was pulled over at a McDonald’s restaurant after police observed him failing to stay in a single traffic lane on June 29th. A traffic unit was called to the scene, and the traffic officer reported arriving at 2:53 PM, finding Gimondo sweating and detecting the smell of alcohol on his breath and body. Gimondo claimed he was on his way to a rehab facility following a relapse with alcohol. He admitted to consuming Tito’s vodka earlier in the day and being under the influence of benzodiazepines. He failed a sobriety test and was subsequently arrested.

The report also mentions that Gimondo mentioned having difficulty performing some of the field sobriety tests due to a knee injury sustained in professional wrestling.


A search of Gimondo’s vehicle revealed a Ziploc bag containing three pills identified as Alprazolam. Gimondo claimed to have a prescription for the medication but did not have the prescription bottle with him, so he had placed the pills in the bag. He complained of chest pains and was transported to Oak Hill Hospital.

Breathalyzer tests conducted at the hospital indicated his blood alcohol content to be 0.167 at 8:02 PM and 0.165 at 8:05 PM. The police report states that Gimondo expressed gratitude to the officer for being understanding.

Gimondo’s rental car had minor damage, which he attributed to a previous renter as he was unaware of it. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

Currently, Gimondo remains in custody as he has not been able to post the $10,000 bond.

The upcoming court appearance on August 8th will address the charges brought against Gimondo, shedding further light on the legal ramifications of his DUI arrest.

What are your thoughts on the details surrounding Danny Gimondo’s DUI arrest? Do you think this incident will have a significant impact on his wrestling career? Leave a comment.

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