Dominik Mysterio has seen a metamorphosis of sorts, as he went from a generic and dull babyface to one of the most despised heels in WWE right now. His relationship with Rhea Ripley continues to be a highlight of WWE television even now. It appears that Mysterio would be okay with letting Rhea Ripley bodyslam his mother.

Dominik Mysterio has been involved in a storyline with The Judgment Day ever since he betrayed his father and Edge last year. He has been paired up with Rhea Ripley a lot since then, and this has made fans wonder about their actual relationship.

Dominik Mysterio even attacked his father on Thanksgiving, ruining the yearly celebration of thanks. Mysterio and Rhea Ripley decided to crash Rey Mysterio’s place on Christmas Eve after that, but it did not go the way they planned that time, as Dominik was arrested. Right after that, he was sent to jail for his actions and a lot happened after that.

Speaking with Alex McCarthy for Inside The Ropes, Dominik Mysterio was asked about his mother and sister getting involved in his feud with Rey Mysterio, even during WrestleMania 39. Mysterio stated that he would be okay with letting Rhea Ripley bodyslam his mother.


“I think I just knew. I had done everything under the sun to try and get under his skin, when it came to slapping him, I tore his mask off, I got involved in every way possible. But I knew as soon as I got mama involved, it was game over. Even at home when I was a kid, disciplining was always mom. But when dad would always come home, it was always dad. But when dad was home, there were certain things where we knew it was a big deal, where we would ask dad or dad would get us in trouble, and he would be like, ‘Go talk to your mom.’ So we knew that mom was always the final straw.

When I found out that they were gonna be on SmackDown, I was like, ‘This is where I can really push some buttons.’ I do a lot of things and I say a lot of things. I would never actually hit my mother, maybe, unless she pushes the correct button on me, I would never actually touch my mom. I would have maybe Mami bodyslam her if necessary, but I would never touch my mom. As soon as I got in her face and yelled at her, I knew that was a button that was gonna be pushed on my dad.”

Dominik Mysterio is set to square off against Cody Rhodes at Money In The Bank on July 1st, so it remains to be seen how Dominik Mysterio will fare against The American Nightmare in the meantime.

What’s your view on this story? Do you want to see Rhea Ripley bodyslam his mother? Let us know in the comments!

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