Ryback is dealing with a big problem, and it’s not going away. His stalker, Chase, is still on the warpath, and he is a free man, for now. Sadly, this is not the only stalker situation that the pro wrestling world has seen in recent memory.

Sonya Deville escaped a very scary situation when a man who had been stalking her online for years showed up at her home. This resulted in a horrifying experience where he broke into her home with a backpack full of tools needed to conduct a kidnapping. Her stalker was eventually sentenced to 15 years behind bars, and that situation is over for her. Now, Ryback is still dealing with his own situation.

We previously reported that crazed fan invaded Ryback’s live stream and threatened his life. This was not the only time that Ryback had an encounter with this stalker. Dolph Ziggler and Curtis Axel were also threatened by that crazed stalker.

Ryback’s stalker also referenced Sonya Deville’s scary situation. He promised that his situation will end just like Sonya Deville’s stalker. “I promise, tell all the media to call you Sonya Deville, the male version,” Chase said.


This is when Ryback reminded his stalker that Deville’s situation ended with the culprit spending over a decade behind bars.

A while ago, Ryback logged onto Twitter after receiving an email from the platform’s standards team to let him know that his stalker has made no violation of their policy. He also called out Elon Musk and others for not doing anything about the situation. After all, the FBI promised Ryback that they would be able to track Chase down if they had his Twitter info. You may check out the video clip below.

Ryback is not done with this situation by a long shot. Have you ever dealt with anything this scary? Chime in by using the comments below!

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