Ryback is a controversial figure in pro wrestling, and he has a lot to say. Likewise, CM Punk is also never one to hold his opinion to himself, and that has caused a few problems over the years. It seems that Ryback would like to have a conversation with the Second City Savior about a narrative he spread.

During a recent episode of the Roundtable Pro Wrestling podcast, Ryback pitched the match against Goldberg that he wants. He wants to face the WWE Hall of Famer at AEW All In.

Ryback also said that he would like to have a talk with CM Punk about his version of events. Although Ryback stands behind some of the things Punk said in that controversial Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana, one detail about Ryback was not correct.

I don’t know everything that happened with Punk, but that was the one thing that was frustrating when he did the interview, was I know he was telling the truth about some of his dealings with them.


A lot of us know how they are with things like that, and he had personal issues with me about some things, and he decided to tell a few lies. It is what it is, and he’s done things on purpose, and not on purpose. Said I dropped him on concrete, there was padding, the table spot had padding. The spot wasn’t perfect. He didn’t go through the middle of the table, but he landed on padding. WWE doesn’t do stunts without padding.

That’s where it was frustrating to me, because he told certain truths in there, and then he mixed in some lies to make himself a victim. I’d love to talk to him about it, and hopefully, one day we do.

Dolph Ziggler recently tweeted out that he wanted to see Goldberg vs Ryback. The Big Guy saw that and later thanked his old friend for the vote of confidence. In fact, Ryback later revealed that he pitched that match to WWE, but they rejected it.

Ryback also claimed that WWE is keeping footage locked up that shows an injury comeback that would put Triple H’s quad injury to shame. Only time will tell if they ever release that, but it’s not likely that they will do anything to help Ryback’s image at this point.

What’s your take on Ryback and CM Punk having a conversation? What do you think they’ll be able to clear up? Sound off in the comments!

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