Brodie Lee will be missed forever, but his son, Brodie Lee Jr, is still carrying on his legacy. The second generation pro wrestling star hasn’t officially gotten into the action yet, because he’s too young, but that won’t stop him from getting in the ring. Now, a new policy is stopping him from doing just that.

Pro wrestling promoters can never be too careful when they are trying to do the right thing with the law. It seems that promoters in New York will have an extra hurdle to jump over now.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted a story about New York’s regulations. It seems that State Senator Tim Kennedy is really trying to crack down on underage performers. This also led to an indie promoter getting fined for featuring Brodie Lee Jr.

New York is looking at a bill to change the way pro wrestling is regulated in the state. State Senator Tim Kennedy, a democrat from Buffalo, has introduced a bill looking to review how pro wrestling matches are regulated and to change regulations from being the same as for boxing and MMA. While WWE pretty much does what it wants, as would AEW, the costs of a $20,000 bond for a promoters license. This generally means an independent promoter would pay a promoter with a bond to use their license, and an ambulance being necessary at the show as well as a doctor. There was a story noting that John Musok, the promoter of Xcite wrestling was fined $1,000 for allowing Brodie Huber (AEW’s -1) into the ring during a tribute to his father. I would guess that would be because Huber was too young to be licensed.


Brodie Lee Jr. already has more experience in the ring than 99.99% of kids his age, but that doesn’t change the law. It seems that New York is getting really serious about underage performers in the ring, and being -1 isn’t going to stop that.

AEW has already said that Brodie Lee Jr. has a contract the moment he’s old enough. Only time will tell if he takes them up on that offer, and whether AEW is still around when that time comes.

What’s your take on this new regulation in New York? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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