The Good Brothers were one of several acts that WWE brought back thanks to Triple H taking over the show. Now, it appears that there are some plans for him with AJ Styles, and the Good Brothers are very sure of themselves as well.

A WWE superstar has expressed their profound appreciation for their unexpected return to the company, considering it to be one of the greatest moments in wrestling history. During a heated rivalry with Finn Balor and the Judgment Day, AJ Styles found himself outnumbered and struggling against the opposing group.

However, on October 10, 2022, a timely backup arrived in the form of the Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, leading to the revival of the OC after a hiatus of over two years. Reflecting on their remarkable return to WWE during a recent appearance on Talk’n Shop, Anderson and Gallows described the experience as “surreal.” They both believed that their time with the company had come to an end following their release in April 2020, particularly due to some of their remarks made after leaving WWE.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows reflected on their “surreal” return to WWE during Talk’n Shop. They thought that their time in WWE was over forever, following their April, 2020 release.


Well it was a pretty surreal day (The Good Brothers’ return to WWE) because like we’ve said a couple of times, I think we kind of thought WWE was in the rearview mirror,” Karl Anderson said of WWE.

Luke Gallows then replied, “I think we kind of thought that after our exit and some of our content, some of the things we were doing, we weren’t gonna be welcomed back with open arms but we were. It was great.”

When speaking about their WWE return, Karl Anderson had a bold statement. He said that they made one of the greatest returns of all time.

Business was business and we moved on, we worked it all out and I think we made one of the greatest returns of all time, and you can look back and you can see that. 

To that, Luke Gallows said, “Well, people are gonna look back and debate that, and I’ve seen some really great returns. But if you go back and watch it, and you listen, it’s really hard to ‘crizzap’ on that.”

We will have to see how the Good Brothers are remembered in WWE history, but they seem very sure of themselves right now. Only time will tell if things turn out as they like.

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