WWE Superstars give their all in the ring, and sometimes that calls for some time off due to injuries. Those Superstars who suffer similar injuries also share an unbreakable bond, because they are part of the same club.

Big E suffered a devastating neck injury during an episode of SmackDown in March of last year. Sadly, he has not made his return to the ring since the incident, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his comeback.

Another WWE superstar who encountered a similar fate is Tyson Kidd, whose professional wrestling career was abruptly halted after sustaining a broken neck during a match against Samoa Joe in 2015.

During an interview on McGuire On Wrestling, Tyson Kidd discussed his induction into an “exclusive club” that includes wrestling icons Edge and Steve Austin. All three individuals faced career-ending neck injuries, solidifying their place in the annals of wrestling history.


“When you enter that very exclusive club we kind of all come together. When I got hurt one of the first people to reach out was Edge and we had a great talk and another guy and he’s become, I would consider him a friend, is Steve Austin. These are people that reached out when I hurt my neck.”

Sadly, Tyson Kidd confirmed that his career in the ring is over. Now, we will have to see if Big E ever finds his way back to the squared circle.

Big E did not need surgery over his broken neck. He still hasn’t taken a bump on WWE television since, and he also hasn’t been inserted in any televised storylines. That being said, Big E is still helping WWE as a scout for thelr NIL recruiting sessions.

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