Baron Corbin is a lot of things, and he is also a former Mr. Money in the Bank. Corbin is also one of the small percentage of MITB holders who were unsuccessful in cashing in his contract. It turns out that his run got off to a bit of a rocky start, too.

The Money in the Bank ladder match is known for its potential to change a wrestler’s career trajectory. From qualifying matches to the high-stakes ladder match itself, every step matters. One aspect that can prove to be particularly challenging is retrieving the coveted briefcase, as fans have witnessed wrestlers struggling atop the ladder. Baron Corbin experienced this firsthand in 2017.

This year, Baron Corbin won’t be part of the match, as he lost his qualifier against Butch earlier this month. He is, however, in line for an NXT Title match against Carmelo Hayes at NXT Gold Rush on June 27th.

Back in 2017, Baron Corbin managed to secure the briefcase, marking the beginning of his tumultuous journey with it. He eventually cashed in on Jinder Mahal during his WWE Championship reign but was thwarted by a distraction from John Cena, resulting in a loss.


Baron Corbin remarked on Twitter that he always wondered why people had such a hard time unhooking the Money in the Bank briefcase, until it was his time to do it.

“Watching in college, I always wondered why it took so long for guys to unhook the case. Then I had to do it! In a ring on a giant ladder that’s moving! Bodies flying everywhere! The chain makes you sway, and I’m not supposed to be that high. It’s terrifying! That’s why!”

In 2021, Baron Corbin found himself in possession of the briefcase once again, albeit through unconventional means. He stole it from Big E and attempted to hold onto it during a low point in his career when he was portrayed as destitute, sporting a dirty shirt. However, he never cashed in the briefcase as Big E defeated him at SummerSlam in the pre-show.

Now, Baron Corbin is back in NXT, but it’s unclear how long that run will last. If anything, he’s still getting plenty of things to do in WWE.

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