A recent interview with CM Punk conducted by ESPN has caused some commotion within AEW. While the interview has not been publicly released yet, reports from sources indicate that Punk’s comments were both confusing and critical of fellow AEW wrestler Adam Page.

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been significant internal and external discussion about the interview. Many talents at the AEW Dynamite show on June 14 were already aware of the content, and AEW was hoping that Punk’s comments about Page would not be included in the article or video. However, most of the talent was already aware of what Punk had originally said.

This situation has arisen as AEW is actively trying to sign Adam Page to a new long-term contract, making it crucial for them to handle any potential controversies delicately. There have been attempts at damage control following the interview, although the details of these efforts are not disclosed.

There was a lot of internal and external talk in recent days about an interview Punk did. The interview was with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi and will be released on 6/16 so it’s best to wait until it is released to comment, past much of the talent at the 6/14 show were aware of the content and AEW was hoping that the comments Punk made about Adam Page would not be part of the article/video but the talent is largely aware of them.


This is largely because the company is actively trying to sign Page to a new long-term deal. There was an attempt at damage control going on at press time but much of the talent was aware of what Punk originally said.

In a separate interview, Miro addressed the issues some wrestlers have with CM Punk and offered his thoughts on how they should react.

“I get along with him fine (Miro said about CM Punk). Every time we talk, I feel like we have a mutual respect. Yeah, so I’ve never had anything bad, like engaged with him but you know, everybody hears a whole bunch of things. But man, if you’re not happy with something, just do whatever you wanna do and then go cry in your mansion. I don’t understand, all the lashing out but, everybody’s responsible for their own actions. Like I said, I get along with him good. We’ve talked, we had great interactions even though we had two or three of them. But yeah, I don’t care. I look at myself. I don’t look at other people’s plates. That’s what the Bible taught me. Don’t look at other people’s plates. Take care of yourself and everybody else, all you can do is just pray for them and whatever happens, happens.”

Despite the controversy, CM Punk is scheduled to return to the ring on the debut episode of AEW Collision on June 17, 2023. He has teased that he has a lot to say and promises an unpredictable and passionate performance. Fans eagerly await the release of the interview to gain further insight into the situation and Punk’s perspective.

What are your thoughts on the reported comments made by CM Punk in his interview with ESPN, particularly regarding his criticisms of Adam Page? How do you think AEW should handle this situation? Leave a comment below.

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